Ollayr, a startup project initiated by a small team consisting of a dedicated Product Designer and a multi-talented Full-Stack Developer, embarked on a journey to address a common pain point faced by agile and scrum teams. The challenge at hand was the efficient organization and retrieval of diverse information related to product requirements, APIs, UI designs, and technical documentation. The existing landscape featured various tools but lacked seamless integration and a unified view of interconnected elements.
The Ideation
Ollayr was born out of the team's personal experience, recognizing the need for a cohesive platform that brings all aspects of a project together. With minimal financial resources and time constraints, the team dove into the challenge of creating a solution that would streamline information flow and enhance collaboration within development teams.
The Team Dynamics 
The team's composition, consisting of a lone Product Designer and a dual-role Full-Stack Developer/Product Owner, presented its own set of challenges and advantages. Working primarily during their free and spare time due to existing job commitments, the team had to navigate the project with a lean and focused approach.
Scope and Constraints 
Time and resource limitations prohibited extensive user research, a common foundation in product design. However, the Product Designer conducted a concise market research effort and formulated potential user personas. Leveraging past experiences in SaaS applications and complex platforms, the team aimed to extrapolate common design patterns and apply them to the Ollayr system.
Design Approach 
Drawing on the Product Designer's expertise, the team adopted a strategic approach rooted in information architecture hierarchy. From summary to detailed items, and from list views to detail pages, the aim was to create an intuitive and user-friendly system. To expedite development, the team integrated the Tailwind UI library, allowing for rapid prototyping and minimizing the time spent on styling and front-end development.
Challenges Faced
The absence of dedicated time for comprehensive user research meant that the team had to make assumptions about user needs and behaviours. Striking a balance between creating a robust system and meeting tight deadlines posed another set of challenges, especially for a small team with limited bandwidth.
Outcome and Learnings
While the Ollayr project did not transition to a live product, the team gained invaluable insights into the complexities of startup endeavours. The experience highlighted the importance of user research and the impact it has on creating a product that resonates with its intended audience. The design patterns and approaches applied during the project, however, provided a solid foundation for future endeavours.
Ollayr stands as a testament to the tenacity and creativity of a small team navigating the intricate landscape of product design within constraints. While the project did not reach the launch phase, the lessons learned and the skills honed during the process have become valuable assets for the team, setting the stage for future successes in the dynamic world of product development.
Branding and Marketing
As the only designer in the team, the Product Designer took charge of communication design and branding. Utilizing past experiences as a brand designer, a logo, font, and overall identity were crafted. The design choices were influenced by a desire to inject a playful and vibrant energy into the project. The decision to employ bright colours and a simple letter-based logo was intentional, representing a departure from the conventional seriousness associated with agile processes.
Incorporating a metaphor of kids' toys in illustrations served a dual purpose. It conveyed the complexity of agile processes and roles in a light-hearted manner while encapsulating the essence of the product itself. The communication design, therefore, became an integral part of the Ollayr narrative, aligning the brand with the innovative and playful nature of the solution.
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