Long ago, I made the pivotal decision to venture into the world of graphic design – a choice that was as much mine as it was my parents. Over six enriching years, I delved into the cultural epicentre of Eastern Europe, finding my academic home in the picturesque city of Saint Petersburg. Even as I pursued my studies, I began to weave my way into the realm of communication design, kickstarting what I can only describe as a thrilling journey into the creative unknown.
Amidst a tornado of projects, collaborations with agencies encounters with fellow creatives, and a constant stream of design trends, I felt like I was riding the peak of a wave. Yet, beneath the surface of this bohemian cyclone, amidst the noise of subjective opinions and stylistic preferences, I found myself craving for something more concrete, more rooted in reason.

It wasn't until 2015 that I stumbled upon my mission: the world of computer interaction design, where every design decision is anchored in the user experience. Here, in this area of logic and data-driven insights, I found the answers to the countless "why" questions that had escaped me in the past. No longer was design taste only subjective; it could be validated, reasoned, and improved upon through empirical evidence.

This newfound clarity caught a fire within me – a mission to bridge the gap between complexity and simplicity in our increasingly overloaded lives. As a Product Designer, I see myself as a navigator, guiding people through the labyrinth of modern existence by crafting seamless interactions with technology.

In a world where everything seems to grow more convoluted by the day, I am driven by the belief that human-computer interaction can be an oasis of clarity. Every smooth interaction, every task completed without friction, is a small victory in the battle against life's complexities. And if, in the process, I can solve even the smallest of problems and bring a measure of ease to someone's life, then I know my mission is both meaningful and worthwhile.
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