Pioneers and great practitioners of 20 and 21 centuries
Walter Gropius, Dieter Rams, Don Norman..
Cognitive Science and Behavioural Research 
in social and psychological areas of humans. 
List of cognitive biases find here 
History of Arts, 20th century
Bauhaus, constructivism, cubism, impressionism
New findings about Space and Physics
As a passionate individual deeply interested in the area of science and exploration, I find myself continually inspired by the wonders of space and the innovative discoveries in physics. The constant chasing of understanding our universe, from the smallest particles like Quarks to the colossal structures such as massive suns, charms my imagination like nothing else.
The fact that scientists are delving deeper into the fabric of reality, uncovering the fundamental building blocks of matter while simultaneously solving the mysteries of celestial bodies millions of light-years away, is truly awe-inspiring. It's as if with each new revelation, a new chapter of the universe's story opens before our eyes, unlocking the beauty and complexity of existence.
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