Hamini is a mobile application available for both Android and iOS, designed to provide a simple and intuitive spending tracking experience. Emphasizing minimalism, Hamini integrates minimalist principles into both its user interface and user experience.

After extensive market research, I discovered that most budget-tracking applications are overly complex and difficult to set up. These apps often feel more like banking tools rather than lifestyle aids. My goal with Hamini was to create an application that users could operate with just two clicks, focusing solely on tracking spending without any unnecessary features.

Key Features
- Add Recurring and Regular Payments: Easily track all types of expenses.
- Add Categories: Organize spending into customizable categories.
- View Simple Dashboards: Get a clear overview of your spending habits.
- Personalize Color Mode: Customize the UI with different color modes.
- Access Minimalist Lifestyle Resources: Learn more about living a minimalist lifestyle through curated resources.

Design and Testing
I was responsible for the complete branding, illustrations, component library creation, and UX design. The UI incorporates neomorphic elements for a sleek look and feel. User flows were tested extensively, and minor adjustments were made post-launch based on user feedback.
To enhance the visual experience, I provided a dynamic palette to the developer, ensuring a cohesive look across both dark and light modes, using a material design approach.

Success and Future Plans
Hamini has been well-received, garnering many positive reviews and achieving over 5,000 downloads worldwide. The app currently supports five languages.
Looking ahead, we plan to expand the app's functionality by adding features for sharing data and introducing more detailed graphs in the dashboard.
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