About The Class

To create a piece of art, you need to use various possibilities of creative imagination. To create even the simplest and unambiguous image, you need variational thinking, which can be developed with the help of exercises.
In the past 15 years I have been working in different creative areas but what I’ve learned during my professional journey is that composition is the key to any visual forms and expressions.

With this course, I want to introduce the basic technics of artistic composition. But I won’t be talking much about theory. We will do practice work to boost your sense of harmony. I believe that the sense of composition can be trained and improved.

We will exercise the imagination and increase the creative spirit through different tasks, which you can perform using only a black marker, scissors or any convenient software.
- Lines and Space
- Contrast
- Dominant
- Static and Motion
- Tense, Bold, Congested
The more you abstract and try to solve form problems with the help of your inner instinct, the more you train your creative abilities by developing them.
The course will be very helpful if you are a beginner designer or illustrator, you are passionate about photography, and you just want to bust your creativity. Or maybe you work with creative people and want to understand which challenges they face every day. So, No drawing experience is required. 
In the final project, we will create an abstract composition which you can paste into one of the designed poster templates. You will see how only simple black forms in the right position can tell the story and express the meaning of the artwork.
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