About the class

To deliver a great user experience as a designer you need to come up with screens, user flows and prototypes to test ideas.
Sometimes it is hard to start the project from scratch and draft the user flows for the application even for an experienced UX designer. At the same time for young and junior designers, it becomes a challenge to design quick prototypes not dive into UI details and stay focused on the draft first concepts for testing.
In this class, you'll learn how to harness the power of AI to generate user flows and jump into Figma to apply them as wireframes with just a few simple prompts. You will dive into various AI tools to get a detailed description of the UX design concept.
What you will be able to do after completion of the class:
- Knowing and using several AI tools free of charge
- Writing a comprehensive complex prompt to get the best response from the AI
- With ease starting with Figma by using the provided set of wireframe components
- Creating user flows based on AI-provided ideas
- Connecting screens into paths to test your draft idea with real users

What is the user flow?

A user flow is a visual roadmap that shows how users navigate through a product, like an app or website. It maps out the steps a user takes to complete a specific task, from start to finish. This helps designers understand how users interact with the product and identify areas for improvement.
If we are using AI for our draft prototypes, still why is user testing with real people important?

User testing is crucial because it lets you see your product through your users' eyes. This helps identify any confusing aspects or areas where users get stuck. By understanding real user behaviour, you can fix problems early and design a product that's easy and enjoyable to use. This leads to happier customers and a more successful product overall.
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